Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jason & Bean!

Children are the hands by which
we take hold of heaven

~ Henry Ward Beecher

Today is my son's 29th birthday.

Jason, who is a graphic artist, and Bean, who is a dog, live in Florida, so we won't be able to celebrate with him. He will, however, be tops in my thoughts today as I remember the joy I felt 29 years ago when he finally made it into this world. He was five weeks late, and we joked that he wasn't took keen on braving the cold, Ohio winter. ;-)

Jason was a good baby, a great kid, and is a wonderful adult ("Adult!" YIKES!). He's very much our child. We see ourselves in things he says and does. He gets his love for animals, especially dogs, from his mom. He rescued Bean from a Cincinnati shelter in 2001, and he decided that they would have the same birthday.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Decker!

Dogs have given us their absolute all.
We are the center of their universe.
We are the focus of their love
and faith and trust.

They serve us in return for scraps.
It is without a doubt the best deal
man has ever made.

~ Roger Caras

Today is Decker's 12th birthday!

Decker was born in Albuquerque, NM and was one of five puppies. The breeder gave all of the pups different colored collars so she could tell them apart, and Decker's was black. When it was time to name him, I knew that I wanted his call name to be Decker, and I stressed over his registered name. We finally settled on "MerryLegs Black and Decker."

A retired AKC Champion, Decker now leads the life of Riley at home with us. He's a little clown. I used to take him to the store with me on Saturdays because the ladies all loved him (and he knew it! Of course, I think he likes having me home full time now as he gets to help me post the blogs and bark at any leaf that blows by the window. Last year he noticed he needed glasses to read the fine print of the newspaper. Luckily, my husband's glasses fit him, so they share.

Decker's featured in all of the photos above, although Kasey, his little sister, is in two of them. She's on the right side in both photos.

Happy Birthday, Decker!