Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kasey!

Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable.
They might be a bit out of shape
and a little worn around the edges,
but they fit well.
~ Bonnie Wilcox

Today is Kasey's 13th birthday!

Mischief's Little Miss Kasey is the product of a Nebraska puppy mill. Shortly after our Cairn Terrier passed away, we saw her in a pet store, beating a Basenji over the head with the cast that held her broken paw - a child had stepped on it. Not one to buy from and support puppy stores/mills, I was horrified and couldn't sleep that night. The next day, we rescued her from what most likely would have been a trip to the pound. She rescued me from the sadness of my Corky's suddent passing.

Kasey was about six months old when we moved from Las Vegas to Nashville, and she accompanied my mom and me on the long, cross-country drive, charming everyone she met along the way. When we moved into our Nashville house, she helped me unpack, shredding the packing paper to bits so it was easier to dispose. ;-)

She is a sweet dog, but she has had her problems due to her start in life. Unlike Decker, she is very nervous and will bark constantly when left alone. She inhales her food immediately, afraid, we think, that someone else will eat it. We are lucky that, at 13, she still is pretty healthy which, given the fact she's a puppy mill rescue, is a miracle. Her near-sightedness is starting to go, but she sees distanced objects fine.

Kasey is the centerpiece of the collage above, although Decker is on the left in the two-shot.

Happy Birthday, Kasita!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Posse

Since I closed my store in May, 2007, I have been able to spend more time with my two dogs, Decker (L) and Kasey (R). I think they're pretty happy to have me home with them as that means they don't have to spend hours in the downstairs office with only themselves for company. Not that they do much more than follow me around and/or sleep.

They get up early with my husband. Once he takes them out and feeds them, they rush back upstairs and sleep on the bed with me until I get up around 7. They follow me back downstairs while I get coffee, and then back upstairs to my office. While I'm busy posting the daily photo, answering emails or trying to write for my writing class, they are busy sleeping (See photo above left.) under my feet. If I move, they open their eyes to make sure I'm not leaving (See photo right.). If I walk from one room to another, even for twenty seconds, they follow me. As soon as I sit back at my desk, they get back in place under my feet and fall asleep, again.

When I'm finished writing for the day and head downstairs to cook or do some other little chore, they wake up, stretch, and follow me back downstairs. Once down there, they fall asleep again until dinner is ready.

Speaking of dinner, I think it's that time!