Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Posse

Since I closed my store in May, 2007, I have been able to spend more time with my two dogs, Decker (L) and Kasey (R). I think they're pretty happy to have me home with them as that means they don't have to spend hours in the downstairs office with only themselves for company. Not that they do much more than follow me around and/or sleep.

They get up early with my husband. Once he takes them out and feeds them, they rush back upstairs and sleep on the bed with me until I get up around 7. They follow me back downstairs while I get coffee, and then back upstairs to my office. While I'm busy posting the daily photo, answering emails or trying to write for my writing class, they are busy sleeping (See photo above left.) under my feet. If I move, they open their eyes to make sure I'm not leaving (See photo right.). If I walk from one room to another, even for twenty seconds, they follow me. As soon as I sit back at my desk, they get back in place under my feet and fall asleep, again.

When I'm finished writing for the day and head downstairs to cook or do some other little chore, they wake up, stretch, and follow me back downstairs. Once down there, they fall asleep again until dinner is ready.

Speaking of dinner, I think it's that time!

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Sonia said...

Love seeing your lovely companions!
I also have a dog, named Flora, that I love so much! Dogs brings to us much joy!